Eagle County Charter Academy "Leeds" Colorado's Growth in Education Facilities

One of the most exciting projects we have had the great opportunity to work on in 2013 was assisting JHL Construction with building the new education facility that the Eagle County Charter Academy calls home.  While we have worked on educational buildings in the past, ECCA is a charter school, which means that parents, students, and people from outside the Eagle County offices offered input on how and why the building would be constructed.

Vail, CO: Create a Stunning Entryway with Lighting

Living Informally: The Entry

In an age of casual living in residential spaces, the foyer, or formal entryway, has become somewhat of a lost tradition.  The formal entry once served as the primary room to receive guests and family into the home. As our lives have become more hectic, and modern conveniences such as mud rooms and garages often provide an additional entry, the glamour of the formal entry has often fallen by the wayside.

Layering Lighting in Your Home

Ever notice the details of lighting when you walk into a well-designed home?  Lighting that not only lights well the tasks of daily life as well as the entirety of a space, but also looks beautiful and adds a feeling of comfort to a room?  Chances are these spaces have been graced with the talented touch of a good electrician or lighting designer.